The people of the municipality traced the evolution of the term “NAGA” to three (3) traditional folklores. The first one believed that the word “NAGA” was coined from a mythological monster with seven heads known as the dragon. This dragon or Naga was believed to have been in existence and lived among the rocks of Singkilon and the thick forest which cover the whole area.

Information tells us that this monster-dragon keep watch for prey at Taytay Manubo along the shorelines of Sibuguey Bay. Thus, the name was associated to the area by the residents of the place.

Second tradition provides another story, however, and that a certain Great Subano leader by the name of Naga had lived and ruled his people for a long -long time and thus the name Naga was associated to mean on the other hand. The third folklore however, has another assertion to present and accordingly the term “NAGA” was associated to the place because of the numerous big trees mushrooming in this desolate area prominent of which are the Narra trees which in the local dialect is called “Naga”.

Despite all these version however, until now nobody is still certain about the true facts of the tradition but one thing for sure is that the place was then on to date named and is called “NAGA”.